Life is unpredictable:
What you want you don’t get
What you don’t want you get
What is to come is unknown
And who is to come is uncertain

Life is not sorry:
Promises made are not fulfilled
Hurtful things are not pardoned
Your fall is a celebration
And your pain is their gain

Life is unfair:
What one has I don’t
What I have the other doesn’t
What I deserve is not given
What I am given is not what I deserve

Life is full of fakes:
Smiles are plastic
Glances are nasty
Jewellery are rusty
And gifts are bloody

Life continues even when your clock stops
Life continues even when your plans fail
Life continues even when it becomes a hitch
Life continues even when you are 6feet deep

PS: The giver of life and author of time stands by you. So don’t stop! Face life boldly. No matter what. God bless!

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