I am called the Dark Continent
Yet the Sun Rays always abide in me
They say they discovered me
Yet I was here long afore them
I am called primitive
Though civilisation began in me
I am Africa, a denied treasure

My children were taken away from me
Chained and sailed away
Beaten and slaved by they
And now they turn their backs on me
I am Africa, a mother crying

They call me poor
Yet they take my riches and richen themselves
They call me needy yet all they give are counterfeit leftovers
I am Africa, a priceless gem

They call me backward
Yet when I take a step foward they push me back
Even my offspring run away from me
Looking for greener pastures
Though I have fed them
I am Africa, I am bountiful

They mock my children calling them ugly
Although I am the epitome of beauty
My beloved peel off their essence
In bid to become pale
They cap their head in synthetic hairs
In effort to hide their tresses
I am Africa, I am beautiful

They adore my features
But they don’t love me
They snatch from me and never return
They talk about me
Yet they do not know me
I am Africa, my head is held high

They say I am unsafe
Yet my children are not extinct
They say I am dying
Yet I give life
Though they abuse me
I always smile
I am Africa, I give love

They say I am helpless
Yet I am a warrior
They say I am nothing
Yet I am Royal
They say I am diseased
Yet I am stronger than ever
They say I am ignorant
Yet my wisdom surfeits
I am Africa, I am powerful

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