Eyes on the prize

As much as I would like to master many languages,
It is better just to learn God’s Word
As much as I would like a pimped ride,
I yearn to ride in the Chariots of the Most High

I would love to live in a lavish manor
But it is my longing to spend eternity where gates are made of gold
Though I want to be on the cover of Forbes magazine,
It is my aim for my name to be written in the Book of Life

How I love eating various cuisines
But I can’t dare miss a taste of the Bread of Life per diem
As much as I wear African prints and Louis Vuitton,
I am clothed in Salvation

As much as I love money,
Nothing can compare to His glorious riches
As many parties as I would like to attend,
I cannot dare miss the feast of saints

Though I enjoy some pleasures of this world,
I always keep in mind that it is not my home
I am heading to a better place- The New Jerusalem…

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