A letter from the father

It seems like we have some telepathic vibe

Even though you deny I know you lie

Even though you don’t say, I know

Even though you don’t show, I feel                              


I know you well like the palm of my hand

I can sense your need like you are my child

I see you even when you are miles away

Even though we part, our paths meet anyway


When you come to me, I draw closer

When you turn your back on me, I go nowhere

You go to others, but at the end I know you will come to me

When you deny me, you deny yourself


I see you when you cry, smile and frown

I am with you even when you feel alone

I know how you feel, I feel what you feel

I am aware what you dream


All this is because I chose you before you chose me

I love you warts and all before you loved me

I knew you before you were formed

Just like the artisan knows his work, I know you because I curved you


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