Yes-to today

Yesterday I had, today I lost

Yesterday I was a Spartan, today I am a jot

Yesterday I laughed, today I squall

Yesterday I ate manna, today I drink gall

Yesterday I was clothed in euphoria, today I sob

Yesterday I wrote poems of joy, today I chant words like Job

Yesterday I was in the castle, today I am kept in the foyer

Yesterday there was a full moon, today the stars are a goner

Yesterday my path was straight, today I find myself in a labyrinth

Yesterday I was on an eminence, today I am in the nadir

Yesterday I saw a gleam, today all is falling apart on the seams

Yesterday there was a brook, today nothing brooks on my attempts

Yesterday I looked forward for today, today I look back on yesterday

Yesterday will remain yesterday, today will be yesterday

Yesterday and today keep changing place

So that tomorrow I will have a smile on my face

All because the King is in his palace

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