“Help! Help!” Tinashe called out with all her might and fear.

“Shut up Tinashe, no one can hear you!” retorted Tapua with equal might that I could        swear I saw his Adam’s apple do a flip.

“At least I am trying to get us out of here, unlike you,” Tinashe countered.

“Why are you always big mouthed? I even wonder why…” Tapua said.

“That’s enough!” I interjected, “let us think of a way out.

There wasn’t any way out, at least not by our strength or efforts. I just wanted to save my ears from having to endure to my mates’ loveless talk. I always wondered how Tinashe and Tapua were still in a relationship as it was shaky like the rock above us. They were stuck with each other for three years, and now they were stuck for three hours between a rock and a watery place, with me. Here we were. Three mere people. In a cave. Located in the middle of a waterfall. Trapped. We were supposedly meant to enjoy the manyatta-like structure underneath the plunging force, but water waist high was no fun.

On the 29th of October, the historic, magnificent cavern decided to give up and just crumble. Crumble when three people were examining it while taking selfies on its backdrop. It came down slowly, like a lass letting her hair down. First it was the left side, one rock at a time, until a groove was left. Then it changed its mind and decided not to crumble. But disastrous damage had been done. The grove allowed the cascade to divert its course into the cave, willingly filling it with greed. We hurriedly made our way to the only exit, but it was locked by management whose bedtime had started early.


“Why do they destroy nature by putting artificial doors in a cave? How foolish!” Tinashe yelled.

Our love for exploration coaxed us to linger a bit longer even though it was time for everyone to make an exit. Now we had to pay the price. The roaring sound from the waterfall probably made us out of earshot when the door was locked. We pushed, kicked and banged the door, forcing it to open but the wooden door just couldn’t open, it was its bedtime too. It clipped our wings to freedom. The only thing awake was the vehement waterfall. Darkness was reigning and my phone indicated that it was 5 minutes to 9 pm. And no, we did not have a torch.

“One bar, oh no,” I said quietly to myself, looking at the charge left. Worse, there was no network.

We had gone to the magnificent Fourteen Falls to take a breather from the city and narrate our splendid weekend to our friends. Now it seemed that we were going to take a breather from life and the only thing that would be left to narrate was how we were sent to the other life by drowning- water entering our nose, making its way to the lungs and eventually sucking the life out of us. I could picture it. The water was now breast high, assuring us that our minutes were numbered. Nature had set a stopwatch for us, and we only had 15 minutes to make it right with our Maker before we met Him.

The waterfall ceased sounding relaxing and whispered death. I could make out figures of Tinashe and Tapua now holding each other close you would think them as Siamese twins. Water was now beneath our nose and we could hardly take in oxygen. Panic chocked the movement out of me and I stilled. Now I was alone. Tinashe and Tapua were patched a few meters away from me, exchanging what seemed like promises. I breathed in. A string of water ran up my nose, intruding my head, giving me a sharp pain. I tried not to breathe as the water was now up my eyes. My legs were floating, like an octopus’s. It was dark and the air in my lungs wanted out. I closed my eyes. Patterns started forming, dancing in front of my eyes. Black. Blue. Black. Red. Blue, red, blue, purple. Black… I wondered if Tinashe and Tapua were seeing the same patterns.

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