Thoughtless Decisions

I accepted the Lord Jesus and got saved, without thinking. I love, without thinking. I embraced minimalism, without thinking. I left employment, without thinking. I started a business, without thinking. Many of the pivotal areas in my life, I realised, have been achieved without thinking, but I will dwell on the latter two- the most recent in my life. As a natural thinker, I give thought to almost everything beforehand- I map, I plan, I deduce, and weigh. However, some things seem to overtake me and the most I can do is ponder them after they occur. It is still beyond me how without paying much thought, I made two important decisions.

African woman thinking

Throughout my short employment span of about three years, I have always felt unsettled and somehow knew it was not for me, but I also didn’t know what else was. A week into starting my most recent job, a contract of six months I knew I wasn’t going to stay long. The Spirit whispered to me. At that time, it seemed absurd. I mean, I was still yet to know much about the place, not forgetting I have been praying to God to open a door. I should be grateful for an answered prayer, and I was. So I did my work diligently, paying much thought- almost too much. However, at the end of my tenure, I turned down an offer extending my contract without thinking. It was only when I actually turned it down that my mind started buzzing with ‘what now?’

One of my best well-thought out business idea was birthed from much thought followed by in-depth market research and clear implementation strategies. Three years on, the idea lays dormant like a sleeping giant, in a folder somewhere in my computer awaiting execution. Then late last year, a flimsy, unclear idea popped up in my mind without even giving it a thought. And without much thought, I decided to work on it. Without thinking, I finally launched my editing and content creation business this month. Now that I think of it, I ask myself, ‘what was I thinking?’ And suddenly I remember, I actually wasn’t thinking at all.

I am grateful that thinking somehow escaped my mind, or my mind escaped me altogether (I can’t tell which at this point) during these two recent ‘thoughtless decisions’ I made. Here are reasons why:

  • Thinking would have choked all the faith in me
  • Thinking would have been a breeding ground for doubt
  • Thinking would have made me rely on my imperfect human senses
  • Thinking would have fanned the flames of indecision and rendered me ‘stuck’
  • Thinking would have limited me to present circumstances, blocking my view of the future

Come to think of it, I would never have made the few but determinant strides in my life had I paid much thought to them. It is as if every critical step I have ever taken in my life has picked up the rhythm of Jesus’s, ‘Take no thought’.

18 thoughts on “Thoughtless Decisions

  1. Your writing is really good and I love what it’s about. I relate in some ways. So much I do I give little thought to but I know He will work all things for my good!

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