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Oasis In Jesus Christ Blog

Hello readers, for the remainder of the year, this blog will be bringing stories to you about young Africans that are living out their faith to the fullest. We’ve brought you two interviews prior. This month we went out of the shores of our home country, Nigeria to Kenya.

We are glad to present our person of the month to you. She is Mulyale Mutisya, a Kenyan faith blogger with an inspiring love for Jesus. Her blog posts are riddled with Biblical truths and knowledge that will push anyone into thought provoking moods and ultimately a better walk with Jesus. She is the beautiful representation of proudly African and Christian. It is with great joy in our hearts that we bring this interview to your screen.

Oasis In Jesus Christ Blog: Thank you so much for granting us this interview Mulyale. So we would like to know you? Can you…

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