Liebster Award(s)

Two lovely ladies, Hannah and Shazz nominated me for the Liebster Award. Shazz is an exhortationist at heart, hence her blog “Exhortations With Shazzy”. It gives her fulfilment to see other people succeed and evolving into the best version of themselves. Hannah lives in Western PA and loves Jesus and chickens. She is also writing a novel she hopes to publish by 2021. Keep tabs with her on

Since the nominations came one after the other, I took the liberty in posting them in one post since they are the same award. Thank you for the nomination.

The Rules:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  2. Answer the eleven questions given to you
  3. Share eleven facts about yourself
  4. Nominate 5-11 other bloggers
  5. Ask your nominees eleven questions of your choice
  6. Notify the nominees once you have uploaded the post

Eleven Facts About Myself

  1. I can’t live without Jesus (I mean who can?)
  2. Small, simple things give me greatest joy
  3. One on one conversations get me going rather than group talks
  4. I am only learning that there is so much of God I didn’t know of, and probably will never reach a conclusion to because each day He opens a new page
  5. Half of the time I don’t know what I am doing
  6. The Bible is my favourite book
  7. I love learning new things, constructive things
  8. Usually, I never expect too much from people
  9. Going ahead of myself is what I tend to do, thanks to my wild imagination
  10. I am a proponent of development and equality
  11. More often than not, I struggle to see the point of most things we do in life

Questions from Shazz

1. After reading 11 facts about me, how many are we in common?

Simplicity is enough for me and I always look forward to my quiet times

2. Are you right handed or left handed?

I am right handed

3. Are you religious?

I wouldn’t call it religious, but I am a Christian

4. Who do you think come first on earth, men or women?

Men did come first

5. Do you believe in miracles?

For a person who keeps a Miracle Memoir, I totally believe in miracles because the God I believe in is a miracle-working God, so by default I believe in miracles

6. Name or link favourite post of mine?

I love all your writings including your recent, Be still

7. Do you blog in mobile phone or laptop or mac?


8. What do you think of gender? How many do you think exist?

And God created them male and female. So I go with God, no need for speculation

9. Have you ever thought about writing a book and publish on your own?

Only recently

10. Celebrate a birthday with a cake and friends? Or give food for homeless or orphanage?

Definitely second option

11. Would you give food to a hungry person, but he is infected seriously by virus?

Of course, why not?

Questions from Hannah

#1 How did you come to start blogging?

A friend back in University introduced me to blogging and that is how I started blogging

#2 What are some Christian activities you enjoy?

I am not really sure how to answer this because I am not sure what Christian activities are in the first place

#3 Who is your favorite Christian songwriter?

I wouldn’t say I have any in particular because I love all Christian songs. But as of now, the lyrics to ‘All that Matters’ by GUC always resonate with me 

#4 What is your favorite Bible verse?

Every word in the Bible counts as my favourite and so I really can’t single out any

#5 Do you have any fun hobbies?

I love reading, travelling, and camping

#6 What is your favorite instrument?

I love the sound of drums and the violin

#7 What is a charity you support?

I do not support any charity in particular but I randomly give when opportunities for giving arise and when I am in a position to

#8 What is your dream job?

I do not have a dream job because I am  not employed and neither do I envision to be employed in future (full-time that is)

#9 What is your favorite scene from nature? e.g. sunset, forest, waterfall, ect.

All of nature, I would say

#10 What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

I would say pistachio, and a combo of chocolate and vanilla

#11 How do you spend time with God?

Reading His Word, praying, worshipping, creating a write-up with Him, and chatting Him up as I go about my business

9 thoughts on “Liebster Award(s)

  1. Ohh Congratulations sissy
    You truly inspiring. Hannah saw what i saw in you. Keep the good work up
    I think simplicity is the way to go

    My brother is a drummer 😅😅you’ll get along since you love the sound of drums. Question 11 of Hannah’s questions got me hard.

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