Two Tomorrows

When tomorrow comes, it is not the same for everybody. Some awake to peace and prosperity while some unfortunately awake to disaster and ruin. Although nothing seems to change today, a tomorrow comes and everything changes in the blink of an eye. Everything is turned around, from despair to delight, or from dreams to destruction. … Continue reading Two Tomorrows

Something about the Mountain

Mount Olives. A mountain soaked with tears. Not just any tears, but tears of two Kings who lived at separate times. A mountain that stripped the robes and crowns of the Kings, taking along their dignity and royalty- only to restore them back. It is a mountain that has witnessed anguish and sorrow. A mountain … Continue reading Something about the Mountain

Miracles & Plagues: Same God, Different Approach

When God sent plagues to the Egyptians, it was not because the Israelites were good people. It was because ‘the Lord had brought judgement on their gods’ (Numbers 33:4). Regarding the Canaanites and other inhabitants, time and time again, God reminds the Israelites that, ‘It is not because of your righteousness or your integrity that … Continue reading Miracles & Plagues: Same God, Different Approach