About Me

I speak for Africa. I find a place for misfits. I accept the rejects & defend the oppressed. Imperfections, imbalances and awkwardness give me a reason. The confused, I include and unravel with the clueless. I define new perspectives to misanthropes and uplift the shattered. I revel with the weirdos, join the insignificant and enjoy with the lowly, abnormal & normal alike. Whether big or small, black, brown or white, tall or short or in between, it doesn’t matter- we are all the same.

In all this, I punctuate Love and Truth – my buckle as I represent Christ.

I am an easy person, I don’t bite πŸ™‚

Thank you for stopping by!

21 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Once you have Truth and Love in your heart – nothing else is needed πŸ’•πŸ™

    Is Carolyne your first name ?

    Africa is the only continent I haven’t yet visited. Was planning to do it this year but Ashok proposes and God disposes πŸ˜‚

    You are such an amazing young lady πŸ‘

  2. Mulyale, do not lose focus on the liberating mission to which God has called you; I have read several of your studies and I see the attribution of discernment and wisdom that God has given you, but I have also seen that there are those who are trying to distract you from your mission by giving you titles that are not useful at all in the work of the Kingdom, they are trying to substitute the message of the Gospel and place a moralistic message in its place. Do not lose your temper.

    • Thank you so much Pastor! I truly appreciate your divine comment. Thank you so much for your discerening honesty and it could have come from none other than God. I will sure take into account your words and I have also taken note on the same and I pray for wisdom to continue with my focus as Christ directs. Thank you once again and God richly bless you πŸ™‚

      • Additionally, Mulyale, review your spiritual profile, and by this I mean, review the forcefulness with which you write. I have noticed a slight change in your writing, and it is not a change of style, but writing with a permissiveness so as not to enter into controversy with the reader, that is not allowed from God, or did you forget that, “I speak for Africa. I find a place for misfits… Whether big or small, black, brown or white, tall or short or in between, it doesn’t matter- we are all the same”?

        For example, “From ‘Christianity’ to Cult”, I believe is your best writing; see how many comments it raised, and the controversy it meant to many people; however, “Hating Life to Love The One” did not develop it with the same force as the previous one, this writing fell short in argument; an excellent subject that explains not only the meaning of the Gospel of Jesus, but also the exhortation against the mediocrity of modern Christians, there was no impact as it did with the previous writing, although it had more comments, perhaps it sought popular approval and not enter into controversy? Then, “What Does God Want?” is the subject where you are ambiguous, without definition. Do we know what God wants, or not? There is no definition in your writing. Do you understand now what I’m saying?

        You are a person of controversy, so God designed you, and so God commissioned you for written teaching ministry, do not seek approval from the people, nor make alliances with ANYONE.
        I recommend that you rewrite these last two teachings, and post them as if they were new writings. God leads you on a path that does not lead to many, walk it with confidence in Him.

        And, don’t get into any contests, it’s a broken cistern that doesn’t hold water.

      • I really do appreciate your observations. Thank you so much for your keen feedback which I myself I have not realised. Usually, when I write I pay no attention to the tone as I write as the Holy Spirit leads. I have never stepped back and seen what tone I used and so I appreciate your feedback from a reader’s perspective and most importantly from one who is Spiritually grounded and advanced.

        Now that I think about it, ‘Hating Life to Love The One’ had a less severity in tone becuase I guess it was sharing Scripture alongside my experience while others are purely Scriptural referenced. On ‘What does God want?’, the article pointed to the fact that we cannot know what God wants unless we have His Spirit. I never did really see myself as a person of controvesy but a person who shares what God places in my heart whether or not it ellicits comments or not. But if one takes a stand then that in itself is controvesial I guess because we live in a world of so many grey areas. But I do not intend to waver in my faith and I have decided to take a stand. I also do not consider myself in teaching ministry either but thank you for pointing these out and I have taken your words into great consideration and will continue to pray for wisdom on the same.

        Regarding rewriting, I honestly wouldn’t know how else to put it because as I am writing it is usually not something pre-planned as the words flow while I am writing and all my recent writings have been completed in one sitiing and when I go back to re-read I even wonder if it is me who has actually written and I actually re-read to learn from them myself because such knowledge and wisdom (from above) is too wonderful for me.

        Thank you so much Pastor, well noted and God bless you πŸ™‚

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  4. Hi Carolyne,
    Some interesting criticisms and complementary comments here. Some of your comments really struck a cord with me because the methodology that you employ is similar to my own, wherein sometimes the narrative just flows and when it is completed, I myself am surprised because I had no idea it would turn out as it did or be formed in the manner it was formed. Not every article, but enough times that I know when I have received assistance from God’s Holy Spirit. Sometimes the words just appear in my mind for the next words to be written and especially Scripture verses that correlate with the subject that I am writing about. Obviously what I write and all of what I write is not even close to Holy Scripture but I do understand first hand how God through His Holy Spirit can inspire us to write as He directs us. That in itself is kind of mind boggling when you stop to think about it and very humbling.

    All of us are different and God deals with us individually and uniquely yet I find it interesting that the way in which God assists you when you write is similar to mine. I read all of your recent post about what God determines and it comes to pass, how He has an idea and it comes to pass. Amazing isn’t it!

    Sometimes we write for one person who we don’t even know. Sometimes we write because God’s Holy Spirit wants something clarified to others that follow us or just by “apparent” chance, stumble across our post. What we write are just seeds and God will use it as He sees fit. Many times I have received word from someone that they needed to hear what was said, that it helped them. So we minister as God directs and trust that He knows where it is to go and what it is to accomplish.

    And I also learn as I write, because I also am a student of God’s Holy Spirit. Not always but often enough. I am just an ordinary man who is gifted by God at times and I also yet have a lot to learn, as we all do.
    The fine tuning that God brings about in us is really amazing and speaks of His love and guidance which is always there, even when we can’t see it. I am an old man and you are a young woman but your comprehension is beyond your years and that is a gift.

    The connection you have with God is precious, maintain it, keep it constant. Chances are darn slim that I will meet you on this earth but one day . . . And won’t that be something else! You are a daughter of the Most High God and you are loved beyond your comprehension and He knows your heart. Jesus is your Shepherd, He will bring to completion that which He has started in you. You are precious in His sight.

    Love in Christ


    • Wow! Thank you for the positively overwhelming comment. It is indeed very humbling and mind boggling how the Holy Spirit works through us. I also attest that your writing are Spirit-inspired for they strike a chord in me and some have responded questions and situations I have been experiencing. It truly is amazing how God works. So thank you for allowing God to use you as well.

      It is precisely so with me too. Most of my learning and ‘discovery’ have been through my own writings. It is like everything falls into place and makes sense when I start writing. This makes me realize how much more I need to learn under the tutelage of the all wise God. It is He who gives me comprehesion, but I am only yet to scratch the surface. There are deeper waters to tread into the depth of His riches and glory. Just like you, I minister as God directs, and I must say that you have been one of the inspirations God put my way as I started out. Your passion, fervour, and consistency in acertaining truths of the Word has truly inspired me (and continues to do so). Your writings have esprecially made me set my mind on things that are above, where Christ is seated- for they direct your readers to the heavenly Kingdom and not the earthly one which we tend to put our focus on. May God refresh you as you refresh us.

      Thank you for your encouraging words. They could have come from none other but from God. I intend to maintain it by the power of the Holy Spirit, for where else can I go? I am a sheep intending to remain in His fold. No turning back, for I have tasted of the Light and nothing else can dispute. My prayer always is that God blesses and ministers to others through my writings, even if it is just one person.

      It sure would be an honour to meet you, but I know we shall meet either way as God wills. But at least we have met in Spirit, and I thank God for that. Amen! May God bring to completion what He has started as you have spoken. Much blessings to you and yours! πŸ™‚

      Love in Christ and thank you once again Mr. Cooper.

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