The Original Outstanding Blogger Award

ArtPsycho Blog is a brilliant blog, and more so to me because it is here that I learnt how to make 100% homemade Nachos. I rarely try out recipes but I attempted this three times now, and the results were as promised! The blog is a joint platform by Anriel, Devashree and Jyotsna who share … Continue reading The Original Outstanding Blogger Award

Liebster Award(s)

Two lovely ladies, Hannah and Shazz nominated me for the Liebster Award. Shazz is an exhortationist at heart, hence her blog “Exhortations With Shazzy”. It gives her fulfilment to see other people succeed and evolving into the best version of themselves. Hannah lives in Western PA and loves Jesus and chickens. She is also writing … Continue reading Liebster Award(s)