Embracing the Spirit of Silence & Solitude

They say silence is golden. But the gold is rusting in this unsettled atmosphere. We love activity!  We can’t stand long pauses in conversations, we frequent bustling bars, we get sick if our phones don’t ring and feel uneasy when the TV or radio is not on.  We are always drawn to crowds and a … Continue reading Embracing the Spirit of Silence & Solitude


“Seriously? Why do you have to worry about school? Relax” My sister insisted. The semester was almost over and I was calculating all the courses that I was planning to do for the next semester and predicting roughly when I would finish all my courses. I was just a freshman. That meant I had 2 … Continue reading WORRYING? NO, I AM JUST PLANNING

Unwavering loyalty (Africans for Africans)

There are some questions that need answers. Other questions remain questions, but there are questions that need not be asked on the first place, nor even answered if asked anyway. There is a common question that is odious and even more odious and despicable when asked by Africans themselves. I compare it to playing hangman. … Continue reading Unwavering loyalty (Africans for Africans)