Keeping the ‘Whirling Wheels’ Turning

The visions that Prophet Ezekiel see as described in the first few Chapters of the Book seem out of this world. If manuscripts of these Chapters were scattered, one would think they are part of a sci-fi movie script.  But Ezekiel opens by saying, ‘In the thirteenth year, in the fourth month on the fifth … Continue reading Keeping the ‘Whirling Wheels’ Turning

The Delivery Room called Patience

Our interaction with God is not transactional, but relational. The quicker one realizes that, the better. That is why we pray for days, months, or even years to receive a certain response from God. That is why we search through the Scriptures to find a single truth. We search, linger, and wait for answers that … Continue reading The Delivery Room called Patience

Prayers: Messages Received

‘God heard them, for their prayer reached heaven, his holy dwelling place’ ~2 Chronicles 30:27 Prayer: Bowed heart, bended will, lifted spirit. Mumblings, rumblings, sobs. . . silence. Waiting. Hoping. Trusting. Believing. Believing in the ‘Name which is above every name’ (Philippians 2:9). Amen. Open eyes. Back to the physical realm. Everything looks the same, … Continue reading Prayers: Messages Received